Skrill and PayPal have emerged gradually in the line of trouble-free and plain sailing payment methods over the years. These revered e-wallets are held high due to their smooth and secure transfers. You can use these e-wallets with your eyes closed without the need to hit in your credit card numbers for online purchasing. Your credit card information remains safe with you with Skrill and PayPal and there is an option of paying through your linked bank account or credit card. To let-up further trouble, with e-wallet you can pay through the various currencies. There is no standard or fixed currency for the payment. This means you can pay anyone even if you live poles apart with distinct currency.

The muddling question arises with the smorgasbord of e-wallets online that you don’t understand which one to go for. Here is a low-down on two of the e-wallets, Skrill and PayPal, that will clean out the clouds of doubt and help you choose the one that works best for you.

How does Skrill work?

Skrill appeared in 2001 and had worked its way up to being one of the barons of the e-wallets industry. Skrill kick-started with the name of Moneybookers and since then has earned a reputation of being fail-safe and a reliable e-wallet. It has garnered over 35 million global users and works apace worldwide for transactions.

You can fill out a form on Skrill’s website to obtain a free Skrill account which requires some of your personal information including DOB, email, and address. Upon filling the form, you get a confirmation email to notify you of your account which is confirmed and is accessible by the link given in the email. You are done with the first part of your procedure. The second step involves the linking of your bank account and credit cards. The sealant to Skrill’s trustworthiness and safety measures is the receiving of few cents by them to ensure that the account belongs to you. Now you are over and done with the setting of the account and ready to transfer or request money between Skrill account and bank account. 

Every time you plan to log into your account, enter your chosen login email and password. Your online payment activities can be easily carried out. Any of your favourite online store in case opens up an account on Skrill you can make your purchases easily through Skrill then. If you are cash-strapped you can even use the linked accounts and credit cards.

Casinos in the UK using Skrill

The more frequently used payment method in many of the existing online casinos in the UK is Skrill. A more hidden fact, however, is that many of the online casinos do away with the casino bonuses if the deposit is made through Skrill. This is why whenever you check into any casino do check the terms and conditions to avoid loss and disappointment.

The UK casino that accepts Skrill payment methods are:

How does PayPal Work?

With a turnover of over 5 billion dollars and functionality in over 200 countries, one can gauge the popularity and customer following of PayPal. The e-wallet having emerged in 1998 was quick to earn name and so far, there have been no obstacles in its steamrolled performance.

Creating a PayPal account is free and a walk in the park. Just hit into the browser and check PayPal’s website. You will find a form there in which you have to pitch in your personal information. Access the link that comes along the confirmation email and congratulations! You have managed to set up your account on PayPal successfully. Moving on, you can then link your credit cards and bank accounts. As with Skrill, you will receive few cents to make sure it’s your account. And you are good to go now! Pay online and get things done in a snap.

Casinos in UK Using PayPal

PayPal has a contorted history with casinos and that is why before entering into the casino world again, it handpicks the casinos itself. Any casino with PayPal as a payment method is undoubtedly reliable.

Few of the casinos using PayPal are:

How the Two are Different?

The two e-wallets, Skrill and PayPal, come with their own set of flaws and strengths. They are easy to access and secure with similar verification process. You can approach the two with the help of apps as well and use them on the go.

However, PayPal is accepted in many places as compared to Skrill. You can conclude that by the number of users the two have. Many of the online services, therefore, prefer PayPal over Skrill. On the other hand, Skrill offers a splurge of exclusive offers that are fun and exciting. With PayPal, there are just a few bonus codes to obtain discounts in some of the stores.

The Skrill Prepaid Mastercard enables you to enjoy your shopping anywhere trouble-free with an annual fee of £10 only. The fee structure of the two is different too. PayPal is business oriented and caters business needs more than Skrill does.

You can check out the fee structure of each on their respective sites to make a better choice from the two! Good luck!


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