The year kicked off with a flood of winners coming from Leovegas Casino. It has got lucky for the players here. You could be the next one because it wastes no opportunities to give its players chances to win all the Jackpots and prizes. That is how generous our Leo Vegas Casino is.

Norm has run into the genie with Millionaire Genie to become a Millionaire! He won £4,366,298! Isn’t that a huge huge amount?? This is the second time Norm has won a Jackpot with his favourite game. Guess he does this for a living now!

We met Norm at his place to talk to him about his experience and here is an account of the meeting.

Wow, Norm. You are one lucky guy who lives under the lucky star. Aren’t you?

HaHa, Yes! I believe I do. The first time I won it was hard to believe. But now I am happy but not in a state of a shock anymore.

Do you always play Millionaire Genie?

No, I do play other games but this one has turned out to be really lucky for me. I win whenever I play this.

Were you when you won the Jackpot?

I was sitting in a park nearby. And I thought of playing online. I played for about two hours which went by in seconds for me before I stroke my luck chord. HaHa.

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And what will you do with the winning money?

I am studying right now, and I will continue to do so, for now, it will be spent on my education only. I’ll think about the rest of them later. HaHaHa.

You never know when you get lucky with Leovegas Casino. Play it whenever you are free if you are short of time, maybe you might get lucky in these spare hours.

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